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The Pieces That Complete Your Ultimate Backyard Puzzle. While many homeowners enjoy having their backyard landscaped, often homeowners are led to believe the misconception that by just adding a pool or outdoor kitchen, these features will create the “ultimate backyard.” While a pool may bring fun and family together, it may not be the answer for some homeowners. There are many additional fundamentals or (missing pieces) that homeowners may not be aware of, that can be implemented to give lifestyle additions that they have been looking for in order to  enhance outdoor living space, creating the true ultimate backyard resort.

Outdoor Lighting. Without lighting, you can’t see, right? Without lighting there is no use of space. Just like lighting in the interior of your home which allows you to function and utilize your space, Outdoor Lighting allows you to maximize your living space in a way that is strategic & nuanced in once. Lighting is the most inexpensive element that adds square footage to your yard and produces usable space that could have otherwise never been used before.

Cushions and Cabanas Coordination and mixing and matching cushions and pillows for your outdoor chairs and chaise lounges and coordinating the fabric with a cabana can tie in the whole look and theme of your yard. Additional items such as umbrellas and daybeds can utilize the same fabrics to give your yard a finished and inviting look.

Structure. A trellis or an arbor can be display as a beautiful focal point to any outdoor space. For extra shade, a palapa is a good choice and can create a tropical feel.

Sound Systems. What better way to enjoy the end of your day than to relax on your patio with a glass of wine listening to soft jazz or cranking up the rock music with friends and family at an outdoor party. A sound system will create an environment that you want to hang out in.

Water Features. The sound and effect of water is a natural calming element. Even if a yard already has a pool, water can also be implemented in other areas of the yard with urns, fountains and waterfall structures.


Fire. This element can create ambiance and romance in the outdoor space. It can also create unity as people are drawn to and gather around areas of fire.Aside from firepits, fir can also be implemented using bowls or tiki poles.






Art. Just like decorating the interior of your home to make your room more appealing, art can be utilized in the backyard adding life to the yard as well. Items such as statues, hand carved angels, pottery and other accent features can add that extra touch to give your yard a more harmonious and personal touch.

 Naturalistic Landscape. For many homeowners, having beautiful flowers and plants is something many only get to experience 4-5 months out of the year, usually because they die due to lack of water, too much water, bugs ,frost, heat, there’s always reasons that they die or just simply the environment itself is not ideal for them to survive. The Naturalization Line is our zero-maintenance solution to the exteriors annual flower issue. Artificial Flowers and plants that you can enjoy 365 days of the year. You can choose anything from hedges, living walls, hanging plants & small trees. Adding graceful accents with a variety of flowers to brighten & color your yard. The trick is to integrate with your existing landscape, therefore saving you money but still allowing you to have the benefits of real plants.

For more information on implementing all the pieces needed to transform your backyard to the perfect outdoor living space, you can contact the experts at Direct Lighting Outdoor Lifestyle at 760-304-8183. You can also enjoy and use their showroom located at 280 Trade St. Unit B in San Marcos or visit their website at www.directlol.com.For landscape Lighting professionals & information check out www.lifetimelightingsystems.com Direct Lighting Outdoor Lifestyle - Blog
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