Why Lifetime Lighting Products?


• 30+ years experience as a lighting company, manufacturer, and installer of thousands of fixtures

• We understand customers needs during pre-installation, installation and many years to come

• We value strong product quality over profit margin



We design products and set goals with SMART principles in mind:

Situational Awareness: Every fixture is designed with application specificity in mind. Solutions such as Glare, Mounting made to go outside.

Material: Only the best grade of material used. Material made to go outside.

Attachment System: Interchangeable Mounting System allows fixture to have.

Repairable: Things happen on a daily basis - You will never send a fixture back as they are field repairable. Point of Failure.

Transformation: The ability to have a fixture transform into many other fixtures. 1 fixture can transform in up to 10 different functioning light fixtures.



We teach contractors how to make more money on every job from 30+ years of real lighting experience, unlike the pretenders out there. Our knowledge does not only stop there, you can check out the most comprehensive manual and Tricks of the Trade from our best-selling book on Landscape Lighting. We're not joking when you we say our products are often imitated with cheap un-original knock-offs.

We keep up with technology to give you (the contracter) the most up to date & state-of-the-art Products, Methodology, & Current Product Information.We live and breathe Landscape Lighting every night in order to achieve a brighter future.


• Intelligent Plus PowerMatic High-Efficiency Transformer

• Fixture 2 Fixture Wiring Installation Method

• Loop-able Link Lead

• Fixture Transformation

• Removable Knuckles

• 360-degree Articulating Knuckle

• Removeable Lenses

• Rocket Rock

• A Line of 5-in-1 Fixtures

• Load & Lock Stake


We were once in your shoes where we never could find justified value in the product that we were purchasing. A constant struggle to find a distributor that offered exceptionally unique product, that was designed with the contractor in mind. Strategically selected product that was picked with the main goal to provide "Quality Product at a Competitive Rates." So... true to our motto "QUALITY OVER MARGIN", we thought – “There must be a faster, cheaper & more simple of way to sell jobs as a contractor!”.

We want to show you a few quick (but not dirty) ways to add a couple $1,000's more to your job bids. We have spent years searching, questioning, seeking, living with, adjusting, and documenting past jobs, cities, states, trade shows, and professionals alike, carefully curating landscape items that we can stand behind with the confidence that they are bringing enough value to you and your job, in turn setting you apart from the rest.


Landscape Architect, Contractors, and Interior Designers have been our strategic target audience. We've specifically collected items that you need as well as items that you didn’t even know you needed. This is important because we want you to have the "Aha!" moment where you realize that your opportunities to make money are not limited to your job title. We hear it all the time and have made it a goal of ours to get a specific reaction from Husbands. “I cannot bring my wife here”. (Our show room in San Marcos, CA). To us, this is the greatest compliment. We know who should be making those decisions in your household, It tells us we're doing something right. As lighting people, we have always been regarded as the "Final Touches" so to us, that means not to limit our job scope to lighting only. We want to widen our opportunities to make more money as the contractor and best way to do so is by increasing your value as the lighting guy.


Being able to design jobs in the most unique manner and not just sticking a light in the ground. Rather using features of the yard, like a beautiful pot and throw some artificial flowers in it to be the vehicle of the light fixture. Now your not just lighting up concrete and grass. By simply increasing the height of the light fixture and giving the light something special to illuminate is the idea and premise behind indirect lighting.

Another example would include features such as artifical rocks. We all know how expensive & laborious large boulders can be to install. We have a work around, that is our artificial rocks that truely mimick the realistic features of a real rock except for the weight & labor. Its as easy as placing it and illiuminate. You can even drill a small hole to fit a pathlight through the middle. Again your now illuminating a beautiful feature of the yard oppossed to the dirt or concrete. 

Lights, Sound, Yard Art, Water Features, Artificial Rocks and Flowers that are designed for the elements of the outdoors. Small items and focal points all coming together, to formulate your own back yard resort. Buy Direct and save on many of our items. It is our mission to provide top notch warrantied product and design ideas that you cannot get at your big box store, all at extremely competitive prices. Lets do business!


Nate Mullen, Founder & CEO natemullen



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